Trust and Safety

Your biggest concern is ours as well. You already get in commercial transport with complete unverified strangers. Not on JEKALO because your safety is important to us. Here is what we have put in place so far:

  1. All users on JEKALO are verified via Facebook, LinkedIn and Phone number. So do bear with us when we ask for these details, it is to ensure you are safe.
  2. Ride offers are vetted by admin before being published. We have a list of internal checks we do on rides before they are published.
  3. You can view another user’s profile before accepting his/her ride request or Joining his/her ride.
  4. You can also see another user’s current workplace, current position, how long the person has been working there and the number of mutual friends you have with the user. All these can help you make a decision.
  5. We also vet users and will delete users with suspicious profiles.
  6. In the coming days, we will be adding a lot more verifications as well as the ability to rate other members.

Once again, we understand security is an issue and we are constantly working on it. However, your ride share decisions are yours and your responsibility so please ensure you do your own checks using all we have provided.