Tems of Use


These terms and conditions apply to services provided by Jekalo.

Jekalo owns and operates www.jekalo.com website, which is referred to as "The Website".

Anyone of legal age or legally capable, who utilizes the services of Jekalo is hereby refered to as "The User" and  must accept these mandatory Terms and Conditions of Use and all the policies and principles that dictate them in other to use the services provided by "The Website".

The use of services provided by "The Website"  implies the approval of these Terms and Condition of Use and its contents. If you do NOT agree with the following terms & conditions of use, do NOT sign up to the website and do NOT make any use of it.




“JEKALOis  internet ride sharing website. The website provides services which include people signing to offer rides to commuters going to similar route with ride owners their by generating socio-economic benefits and also enhance the transportation system in Nigeria.

 “CARPOOL” or “ RIDE OFFER” is the act of  offering someone else a lift with one's personal car.

“RIDE OWNER” is the USER who utilizes JEKALO's service  to accept,offer and share a ride with one or more PASSENGER going to a certain destination on a previously defined day and time;

“PASSENGER” is the USER  who expresses interest to share a ride with a "RIDE OWNER"

 “USER” is either a RIDE OWNER or PASSENGER, or any other individual who makes use of Jekalo's services;

“TRIP” is a certain route agreed to be taken by the PASSENGER and the RIDE OWNER, through "The Website";

 “USER ACCOUNT” is a registered website account opened by the USER in order to use the services provided by Jekalo;

 “DEPARTURE POINT” is an agreed location between RIDE OWNER and PASSENGER in order to meet and begin the trip;

 “REWARDS” is the incentive given to the RIDE OWNER for offering PASSENGER rides


1.      Jekalo has the right to review, filter and remove any uploaded content considered inappropriate;

2.      All text, images and general information are responsibility of those that created them within the website.

3.       By accepting the Terms and Condition of Use on Jekalo, The user accepts that he or she may be exposed to content considered offensive, false, or disrespectful to these Terms, and that he or she will use Jekalo’s services at his or her own risk.

4.      Upon deleting any text,images or general information on The Website, the user knows and agrees that such content may remain within Jekalo’s database or in data backup, but not visible to other users;


a) RIDE OWNER’S obligations. The RIDE OWNER agrees:

  1. To having a valid Drivers’ License that complies with the National and Traffic Law;
  2. To having a valid Car Insurance;
  3. To presenting him or herself at appointed time and place agreed through the website, with the specified vehicle;
  4. To immediately informing every PASSENGER about any alteration to a previously scheduled trip. If at least one PASSENGER has made a reservation and the DRIVER decides to change any aspects of the trip, the DRIVER compels to previously warn every PASSENGER and obtain the agreement of all of them to the change he wishes to make.
  5. To be of Good Conduct at all times
  6. To waiting the passenger at the Departure point for at least 15 (fifteen) minutes after the scheduled time (the PASSENGER must, however, be punctual).

b) The Passengers’ obligations. The PASSENGER agrees:

  1. To presenting himself at the time and place agreed with the DRIVER;
  2. To informing the RIDE OWNER of a Trip’s Cancellation;
  3. To be of Good Conduct at all times
  4. To waiting at the Previously accorded departure point for at least 15 minutes after the appointed Departure time for the DRIVER; and
  5. To pay the Cost of trip on The Website and not to the RIDE OWNER.

About DRIVER – PASSENGER relationship:

Jekalo does NOT provide Transportation services, Its just a means of supporting Ride Sharing services as well as providing a platform that would ease  RIDE OWNER  - PASSENGERS.

   I.            Jekalo cannot be held responsible in case of any acts or omissions by any user, be those robbery, thievery, missing an appointment due to any act, argument and others, including the effective compliance with the Users’ obligations. Jekalo recommends that every transaction is made should be with good sense of discretion.

  II.            In case of any any complaints, law suits, losses responsibilities, damages and expends, including reasonable lawyer fees and law cost for any damage that they cause or suffer , the user agrees to Jekalo and its representatives.


     I.            Jekalo will collect, store or make available to other users the data and information provided by other users as long as it is in the service function, including, but no limited to Full Name, Photo, Profile, e-mail and Phone Number. These details are crawled from users facebook profile therefore Jekalo cannot be held responsible for the content that appears users .

II.            Jekalo will implement appropriate safety measures in order to safeguard and help avoiding access, change, sharing or destruction without authorization of any user provided information